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Featured Speakers

Julio Acero
Oleh M. Antonyshyn
R. Bryan Bell
Daniel Buchbinder
Michael Ehrenfeld
Rolf Ewers
Nils Gellrich
Gerald Grant
Michael P. Grant
Beat Hammer
Heinrich Hofmann
Don Juzwishin
Ben King
James Mah
Marc Metzger
Rolf Mülhaupt
Nils Petersen
Jürgen Rühe
Robert Sader
Alexander Schramm
Brad Strong
Adrian Sugar
Hans-Florian Zeilhofer

Workshop Instructors

Cyrille Chossegros
Dominic Eggbeer
Peter Evens
Andy Grosvenor
Gerald Grant
Ralf Gutwald
Marcus Heufelder
Ben King
Shayne Kondor
Marc Metzger
Sabastian Sauerbier
Ralf Schön
Ulrich Schwarz
Rosie Sealaus
Pascal Tomakidi
Pit Voss



Conference Program Schedule

The Program Committee reserves the right to modify the conference program schedule as circumstances might dictate. Return periodically to review scheduled presenters

Thursday, May 5th
08:00-17:00 AOCMF Clinical Priority Program Research Workshop on Imaging and Planning of Surgery.  Information available from anita.anthon@aocmf.org
10:00-16:00 Regional Group Meetings (invitation only)
10:00-12:00 1. North America
14:00-16:00 2. Japan
17:00-19:00 Registration & Welcome Reception
Konzerthaus Freiburg
Friday, May 6th
08:45 Opening Ceremony & Announcements
08:50 Opening Remarks: Prof. Dr. Anca-Ligia Grosu

SESSION I: Medical Microsystems & Theragnostics

Session Chairs:
Rainer Schmelzeisen
John Wolfaardt

09:00 Rolf Mülhaupt- Biomaterials and Biofunctional Processing
09:20 Jürgen Rühe (IMTEK)- Microsystems for Medical Applications  
09:40 Heinrich Hofmann- Multifunctional Nanoparticles: A Potential Tool for Theragnosis  
10:00 Questions & Discussion
10:10 AM Break- Exhibit Review

Concurrent Session

SESSION I: Medical Microsystems-Theragnostics (continued)

Session Chairs:
Rolf Mülhaupt & Jürgen Rühe

Concurrent Session

SESSION III: Integration of New Materials and Innovations

Session Chairs:

Ralf Gutwald & Adrian Sugar

Hiroaki Ishibashi- Newly Regulation Strategy Against Tumor Angiogenesis And Chemosensitivity Using Decoy System.


Adrian Sugar- Continuous Integration of New Materials in Head and Neck Reconstruction

10:48 Michele Maglione- Tridimensional Visualization Of Bone Tissue In Peri-Implantitis: An X-Ray Computed Micro-Tomography (XMT) Analysis.
10:56 Joanna Gilewicz- The Bioimplant, An Innovative Concept In Cranio – Maxillo – Facial Oncologic Reconstructive Treatment, Using Tissue Engineering And Advanced Digital Technology.
11:04 Ralf Smeets- Modern Biomaterials And New Technologies In Tissue Engineering For Reconstruction Of The Head And Neck-Region to be determined
11:12 Enrico Salvador- Bone Regeneration With Adipose-Derived Stem Cells In Rabbit Calvarium Divya Mehrotra- Hydroxyapatite / Collagen Scaffold For Platelet Rich Plasma In Temporomandibular Ankylosis For Condylar Regeneration
11:20 Fabian Duttenhoefer- Pre-Vascularization Of 3D Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering Application In Critical Size Bone Defects Jean-Marie Donsimoni- What's Following On Titanium? The PEEK! A New Material For Support Of Weak Tissues, For Bone Reconstruction In Maxillo-Facial Squelet, For Fixation Of Prosthodontics.
11:28 Nils Petersen- The Potential of Nanotechnology for Medicine Hans-Florian Zeilhofer- Visions in Imaging and Biomaterials
11:50 Questions & Discussion
12:00 Conference Lunch
  Concurrent Session

SESSION II: 3 D-Planning and Outcome Analysis in Head & Neck Reconstruction

Session Chairs:
Marc Metzger

Concurrent Session

SESSION IV: New Concepts in Interdisciplinary Work

Session Chairs:

Max Heiland & Siegmar Reinert

13:30 Oleh M. Antonyshyn- 3D Models for Design and Outcome Analysis in Craniofacial Surgery Don Juzwishin- Health Technology Assessment - Emerging Issues and Opportunities for ADT
13:50 Gerald Grant-Laser/Non-Invasive Imaging and Prototyping Technology in the Reconstruction of War Trauma Injuries Ben King- Collaboration, Technology and Medicine 2.0 – An Industrial Designer’s Perspective
14:10 Dominic Eggbeer- Evaluating State Of The Art Cranioplasty Plate Design And Fabrication Michael A. Ermer- Interdisciplinary Treatment Algorithm Of Potentially Life-Threatening Vascular Malformations Of The Head And Neck
14:18 Bernd Lethaus- A Treatment Algorithm For Customized Implants In Patients With Large Skull Bone Defects And First Results Miller Smith- 2-Dimensional And 3-Dimensional Normative Airway Comparative Measures Using 772 Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scans
14:26 Lisa Korus- Custom Polymethylmethacrylate Implant Cranioplasty Michael Krimmel- 3-D Assessment Of Facial Development In Children With Cleft Lip And Cleft Lip And Palate
14:34 Jasper Snaathorst- Calvarial Reconstruction With CAD/CAM Fabricated Titanium Plate Implants Susanne Kluba- Significance Of High-Resolution Ultrasound In The Differential Diagnosis Of Infantile Cranial Deformity
14:42 to be determined Michael Krimmel- Facial Morphology Of Children With Pierre Robin Sequence
14:50 Nazan Adali- Comparison Of Intraoperator And Interoperator Repeatability Of Soft Tissue Landmark Identification Using Two 3D Facial Imaging Software Systems Susanne Kluba- Importance Of Entrance Age For Optimizing Helmet Therapy In Positional Plagiocephaly?
14:58 Erin Stevens- 3D Stereophotogrammetry For Craniofacial Analysis: The Effects Of Head Inclination On The Reliability And Precision Of Anthropometric Measurements  
15:06 Questions & Discussion
15:16 PM Break - Exhibit Review

Session Chairs:
Rolf Ewers & Brad Strong


Session Chairs:
Julio Acero & Soichi Iwai
15:46 Suzanne Verma- Surgical Navigational Systems: Bridging The Gap Between Virtual Preoperative Planning, Intraoperative Applications and Physical Prototyping Jules Poukens- Skull Defects Treated by CAD-CAM Custom Implants: Why a New Classification?
15:54 Matthew Hanasono- Improving The Speed And Accuracy Of Mandibular Reconstruction Using Preoperative Virtual Planning And Rapid Prototype Modeling Tara Lynn Stewart- Quantitative Computerized Tomographic Thresholds in Management of Asymptomatic Isolated Orbital Floor Fractures
16:02 Maciej Rysz- Surgical Navigation Dedicated To Bone Resection And Reconstruction In Maxillo - Facial Surgery In Oncologic Cases. Bioimplant – An Experimental Study Arnulf Baumann- Computer-Assisted Intraoperative Navigation In Orbita Decompression
16:10 to be determined Mathias Vogel- Orbital volume reduction after blow out fractures adapted by intra-operative, preoperative model adapted or assembled preformed orbita mesh implants - an in vitro study.
16:18 Willem Weijs- 3D Virtual Planning Of A Complex Facial Reconstruction After Radiation Induced Facial Asymmetry Peter Evans- The Evolution of Customised Titanium Implants for Post-Traumatic Orbital Wall Reconsturction
16:26 Roman Skoracki- Complex Mid-Facial Reconstruction Using Virtual Planning, Rapid Prototype Modeling, And Stereotactic Navigation Marc Metzger- Orbital Reconstruction Using Cone Beam CT Scan And Preformed Titanium Mesh. A Farewell To CAS?
16:34 Katie Weimer- Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) And Clinical Transfer Via Templates: Assessing Surgical Outcomes Andres Stricker- Augmentation Procedures in Dental Implantology - Changing Paradigms by 3D Evaluation
16:42 Shilei Zhang- Navigation-Guided Correction Of Midface Posttraumatic Deformities (Shanghai Experience With 40 Cases) Kariem Mizbah- The Clinical Relevance Of Bifid And Trifid Mandibular Canals

Rutger Schepers- 3D Digitally Planned Dental Implant Insertion In A Free Vascularised Fibula For Immediate Prosthetic Loading During Reconstruction Of A Mandible

Katja Nelson- The Use of Synchrotron Radiation in Implant-Dentistry
16:58 Questions & Discussion
17:05 Session Adjourns
17:45-19:30 Poster Session and Exhibit Reception
Saturday, May 7th
08:45 Announcements

SESSION V: Innovations in Orthodontic and Orthognatic Surgery

Session Chairs:
Christian Lindqvist

09:00 Beat Hammer- Individualization and Integration of Imaging in Orthognathic Surgery  
09:20 Christian Scheifele- Clinician's Guide to Cone-Beam CT (CBCT)  
09:40 Ralf Schön- Merging of Imaging and Surgery in Endoscopic and Minimal invasive  Surgical Procedures  
10:00 Questions & Discussion
10:10 AM Break- Exhibit Review

Concurrent Session

SESSION V: Innovations in Orthodontic and Orthognatic Surgery (continued)

Session Chairs:
Michael Ehrenfeld &
Alexander Schramm

Concurrent Session

SESSION VII: Minimal Invasive and Computer-Aided Surgery Procedures

Session Chairs:
Oleh M. Antonyshyn &

Pravin Patel- A Finite Element Analysis Of Custom Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Plating System For Maxillofacial Surgery

10:40 - 11:04

Julio Acero- Role of Innovations in Oncologic Reconstructive Surgery. Benefits for the Patient and Implications for a Specialty

Adel Abou-Elfetouh- Evaluation Of Computer-Guided Condylar Positioning Device In Bilateral Sagittal Split Ostetomies: A Preliminary Report
Yuhji Kabasawa- Three-Dimensional Evaluation Of Nasal Morphological Changes After Le Fort 1 Osteotomy: Comparison By Incision Lines Of Le Fort 1 Osteotomy
Majeed Rana- Computerassisted Planing In Orthognatic Surgery
Luc Verhamme- Validation Of Implant Placement In The Edentulous Maxilla Using A Mucosally Supported Surgical Template
Samir Aboul-Hosn Centenero- 3D Planning In Orthognathic Surgery. Cad/Cam Surgical Splints And Prediction Of The Soft And Hard Tissues Results. Our Experience In 16 Cases
Heinz-Theo Lübbers- Registration Techniques In Edentulous Patients
David Morris- Bringing Three-Dimensional Plans For Orthognathic Surgery To Reality: One Center’S Experience With Rapid-Prototype Splints And Cutting Guides
Giovanni Badiali- Vector Control In Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis Through Simulation-Guided Navigation
Claudio Marchetti- Magellan Project: A "Geographic" Way To Navigate In Orthognathic Surgery
Joanneke Plooij- Comparison of 3D peroperative Planning and Surgical Outcome in Bimaxillary Procedures
Marco Ellis- Development And Outcome Of The Patient-Specific Distractor Position Guide For Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis


Marc Metzger- Introduction of Preformed Spare Parts and Data Collections in Surgery

Jun Shimada- Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy To Prevent Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Using The Ultrasonic Bone Cutting Device And Endoscope
Maja Schlittler- Comparison Of Endoscopically Assisted Versus Nonendoscopically Assisted Fxation Of Condylar Neck Fractures – A Randomized Controlled Trial
12:08 Questions & Discussion
12:18 Conference Lunch
  Concurrent Session

SESSION VI: Prosthetic & Surgical Craniomaxillofacial Reconstruction & Rehabilitation

Session Chairs:
Daniel Buchbinder & Robert Sader

Concurrent Session

SESSION VIII: Digital Impact on Facial Prosthetic and Rehabilitation

Session Chairs:
Richard Bibb & Michale P. Grant

13:30 Daniel Buchbinder- Innovations in Computer-Assisted Planning in Head and Neck Reconstruction Michale P. Grant- Surgical Management of Thyroid Orbitopathy: Improving Outcomes with Digital Technology
13:50 Michael Ehrenfeld- How Much Planning is Needed for Mandible Reconstruction? Alexander Schramm- Digital Impact on Orbital Reconstructions
Alex Greenberg- Experience with a New Software Planning System with Rapid Printed Custom Surgical Templates for Dental Implant Placement
Ariane Farah- Colour Stability Of Silicone Elastomer Used In Maxillofacial Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Al-Jamali- Reconstruction Of Midface and Skull Base Defects with Microvascular Free Flaps
Anne-Marie Riedinger- Artistic Considerations And Optimal Management For An OI Facial Prosthesis.
14:26 Marina Andreiotelli- Reconstruction Of The Severely Atrophic Jaw Prior To Implant Prosthetic Rehabilitation Using A Stereolithographic Model. A Case Presentation.
Richard Bibb- A Critical Comparison Of Rapid Prototyping And Additive Manufacturing In Extra-Oral Prosthesis Body Production
Esben Aagaard- Combining Alloplastic TMJ Reconstruction With Orthognathic Movements Via Digital Preoperative Planning And Custom Prostheses
to be determined
John Lo- Use Of Surgical Navigation In Mandibular Reconstruction With Small Condylar Segment - A Preliminary Study
Joerd Van Der Meer- Digitally Designed Surgical Guides For Dental Implants To Be Placed In The Nasal Floor
Andrew Christensen- Setting A Surgical Results Baseline For Mandible Reconstruction Using The Fibula Free Flap: Comparing Non-Virtually Planned Cases To Virtually Planned Cases
Shizhu Bai- Ear In An Hour, An Early Report On Immediate Implant Retained Auricular Prosthesis
Soichi Iwai- Usefulness Of New Reconstruction System Using Fibular Flap After Mandibulectomy
Steffan Daniel- Design Criteria Hierarchy For Auricular Prosthesis Retention Mechanisms


Robert Sader- Imaging and Therapy Control Options in Head and Neck Reconstruction

Clemente Maia S. Fernandes- Proposal Of A Hybrid Digital/Laboratorial Surgical And Prosthetic Planning For An Auricular Alloplastic Reconstruction Through Implant-Retained Prostheses
Stephen C K Tam- Surgical Navigation For Implant-Supported Ear Prosthesis Manufactured By CAD/CAM Technology
15:26 Questions & Discussion


15:40 Session Adjourns
16:00-18:30 CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS- Instructor/s:
Workshop 1
University Clinic
Stem Cell Based Bone Augmentations Sebastian Sauerbier
limited to 10 delegates
Workshop 2
University Clinic
Advanced Planning and Navigation in Head & Neck Surgery Marc Metzger
Ulrich Schwarz
limited to 20 delegates
Workshop 3
University Clinic
Update and New Strategies on Treatment of Patients with Bisphosphonates Pit Voss / Marcus Heufelder
limited to 45 delegates
Workshop 4
Conference Site
An Exploration of Digital Technologies in Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Ben King / Dominic Eggbeer /
Rosemary Seelaus / Peter Evans
Andy Grosvenor
limited to 20 delegates

Workshop 5
Conference Site
New Approaches to Rapid Prototyping Materials and Techniques in Head and Neck Reconstruction Gerald Grant / Shayne Kondor

Workshop 6
University Clinic

Part I- Endoscopic Maxillofacial Surgery: Condylar Head Salivary Glands, Paranasal Sinus, TMJ Arthroscopy  and Skull Base

Ralf Schön / Cyrille Chossegros
limited to 30-40 delegates

Note: Workshop has a Part II scheduled for Sunday (1:30-5:30pm). Make travel plans accordingly

19:30 ADT "After Work Party" Historische Kaufhaus
Sunday, May 8th
08:45 Announcements

SESSION IX: Integration of Innovations in Teaching and Daily Routine

Session Chairs:
Nils Gellrich & Masayuki Takano


09:00 Nils Gellrich- Surgical Workflow Changes by Development of an Interactive Imaging Analyzing Platform  
09:20 Rolf Ewers- 3D-Planning and Computer Assisted Surgery: Past and Perspectives  
Yasas Shri Nalaka Jayaratne- 3-D Facial Anthropometric Norms For The Southern Chinese
Masayuki Takano- Usefulness And Capability Of 3D Full-HD Movie For Surgical Practice
09:56 Baiba Ozola- The Association Between Resorbtion Of Mandibular Residual Ridge And General Bone Mineral Density  
10:04 Marion Paris- Dental Ankylosis Diagnosed By CT With Tridimensional Reconstructions  
10:12 Questions & Discussion  
10:30 AM Break- Exhibit Review

Session Chairs:
Enomoto & Andre Eckart


Pierre Boulanger- Three Dimensional Tracking Of Maxillofacial Shape Variations Over Long Time Periods
Niek Gerlach- Reproducibility Of 3 Different Tracing Methods Based On Cone Beam Computed Tomography In Determining The Anatomical Position Of The Mandibular Canal
Andre Eckardt- Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) As An Diagnostic Aid In Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery - An Institutional Survey From 2007-2010
Max Heiland- Intraoperative Cone-Beam Computed Tomography In Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Using A C-Arm - From First Experiences To New Prototypes With Flat Panel-Detectors.
Christian Scheifele- Clinical Results Of Intraoperative 3D Image Reconstruction By C-Arm-Based Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
11:25 Brad Strong- Navigation: Development and Perspectives  
11:40 Questions & Discussion
11:55 Closing Announcements
12:00 Meeting Adjourns
12:00-16:00 ADT Board Meeting- invitation only
13:30-17:30 Post Conference Workshops- Instructor/s:
Hosted at University Clinic
Workshop 6
Part II-Endoscopic Maxillofacial Surgery: Condylar Head Salivary Glands, Paranasal Sinus, TMJ Arthroscopy  and Skull Base

Ralf Schön / Cyrille Chossegros
limited to 30-40 delegates

Note: Must select Part I scheduled on Saturday

Workshop 7

Research Tools for 3D and Tissue Engineering Work in Maxillofacial Surgery
Ralf Gutwald
Pascal Tomakidi
limited to 20 - 30 delegates

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