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Our 2011 ADT meeting will help identify and explore the future role of innovative digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck. Advanced Digital Technologies in:

  • Innovative Imaging Technology
  • Head and Neck Reconstruction
  • Cranio - Maxillo - Facial Reconstruction
  • Endoscopic (minimal invasive procedure)
  • Orthodontics/Orthognathic Surgery
  • Oral Rehabilitation
  • Custom and Osseointegrated Implants
  • Functional Outcomes Assessment
  • Health Economics/Technology Assessment
  • Business Modeling/Risk Management
  • Biomaterials/Nanotechnology

The conference will cover a range of topics that address advanced digital technology in relation to head and neck reconstruction:

Rapid Prototyping · Simulation Systems · Navigation Systems · Robotics · Endoscopic Surgery · Virtual Reality · Color Measurement · Digital Functional Assessment · Regenerative Medicine · Related Materials/ Nanotechnology · Health Technology Assessment · Health Economics/Ethics · Business Management/Modeling · Risk Management