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Poster Format

Size of Poster: Poster sizes will be limited to .762 meters (30 inches) wide by 1.27 meters (50 inches) tall.

Make sure your poster is printed to read .762 meters (30 inches) across - from left to right.


Poster boards will be available at conference site for display of your poster.


Poster Instructions

Posters will be assigned to a poster board number listed in our Conference Program Book (distributed at conference site). Find your assigned poster board to display your poster.

Include title and authors.

No audio/visual equipment will be allowed for poster presentation (No electrical will be available).

Poster should be self-explanatory so that you are free to supplement and discuss any points of inquiry. The poster session provides a more intimate forum for discussion than an oral presentation. This becomes difficult if you are obliged to devote most of your time explaining your poster to a succession of visitors.

Conference Program Schedule - Posters


Poster first author is encouraged to be present during the scheduled Poster Session to answer questions. 

Posters will remain displayed throughout the meeting

List of Poster Presenters and their presentation titles
(listed by alphabetical order by author)

Presenter Presentation Title
1 Ananth, Sankar
Computer Aided Surgical Navigation In Orbital Floor Reconstruction Using Rapid Prototyped Patient Specific Implant
2 Clark, Jessica
Adipocyte-Derived Stem Cell Fat Grafting For Irradiated Cervical Skin
3 Elbashti, Mahmoud
Effect of Prosthetic Rehabilitation on Geometrical Face Asymmetry in Mandibulectomy Patients
4 Fernandes, Clemente
Facial Soft Tissues' Thickness: Proposal Of A Brazilian Database, Based On Cbct Scan Images' Measurements
5 Iwai, Toshinori Development of Codeless Handy Magnetic Probe to Detect Sentinel Lymph Node for N0 Oral Cancer
6 Jindal, Swati
Development Of Silicone Suitable For 3D Printing Personalised Pigmented Maxillofacial Prostheses
7 Koper, David
Cranioplasty With Patient Specific Implants In Multiply Reconstructed Cases
8 Kwon, Ho Beom Analysis of Vertical Dimension and Occlusal Plane Using Computed Tomography
9 Liang, Jie
Application Of Computer-Aided Surgery Technique In Mandibular Defect Reconstruction- A Review Of 48 Cases
10 Lloyd, Timothy
In House Design And 3-Dimensional Printing
Of Customized Surgical Wafers In
Orthognathic Surgery
11 Logan, Heather
The Design Process Of A Glossectomy Spoon For Head And Neck Cancer Patients
12 Logan, Heather
Alberta Reconstruction Technique Procedure:
A Novel Approach To Primary Implantation In Fibula Free Flap Reconstruction
13 McHutchion, Lindsay
Digital Design Of Custom Abutments For The Retention Of Osseointegrated Implant-Retained Prostheses
14 Poukens, Jules
Custom 3D Printed Implants In Head And Neck Surgery: A New Era In Sight!
15 Riedinger, Anne-Marie
Challenge And Evolution Of 3D Technology In Facial Prosthetics
16 Schipper, Kitty
Engineering In Maxillary Reconstruction:
A Narrative Review
17 Seelaus, Rosemary
Smartphone Camera Viability For Skin
Color Measurement
18 Serra, Mônica da Costa
Craniofacial Human Bones Digital Images Obtained By 3D Surface Scanner: Validation
And Applications
19 Sugiyama, Satomi
Dynamic Ct Lymphography For Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping Of N0 Oral Cancer
20 Van Baar, Gustaaf
A Three-Dimensional Analysis Of Bicycle Helmets In Correlation With Head Injuries:
A Pilot Study
21 Zhang, Shilei
Navigation-Guided And Endoscopy-Assisted Removal Of Foreign Bodies In The Oral And Maxillofacial Deep Space
22 Zhao, Linping
Using Scripts To Improve Efficiency Of Mis Application: Our Experience