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Venue address
CongresSquare Nihonbashi
2F, 3F Tokyo Tatemono Nihonbashi Building
Nihonbashi 1-3-13, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 1030027, Japan






Before traveling, please make sure to familiarize yourself with Japan Visa requirements

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan:

Tokyo’s two airports: Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Historically Haneda has handled domestic flights and Narita has handled international flights. Haneda is located just outside of downtown Tokyo, where Narita is about 50 miles east of Tokyo

Distance from Haneda Airport to neighboring hotels:

  • Remm Tokyo Kyobashi (Headquarters Hotel)– by car 17.8 km, Aprox 18 mins
  • Keio Presso Inn Tokyo Yaesu- by car 18.4 km, Aprox 18 mins
  • Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi- by car 19.8 km, Aprox 19 mins
  • Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo- 20.6 km by car, Aprox 18 mins
  • Yaesu Terminal Hotel-19.7 km by car, Aprox 18 mins

*all times are subject to traffic

Transportation to/from Narita Airport:
Tokyo has world famous public transportation.  There’s an overground, underground, and bus system. As soon as you arrive, you may purchase a rechargeable travel card. You can buy one from any ticket machine and it works on every bus and train. The local guides and maps to the transportation system are usually in English but can be confusing at first. It’s recommend getting your portable Wi-Fi device before you try to get around the city. Google Maps makes navigating the train system easy: It will tell you exactly where to go and even give you the price of your journey.

Airport Transfer Service:
The following company has been recommended- LIMOUSINE PASSENGER SERVICE CO.,LTD.

Pre & Post Conference Tour Company: JTB Sunrise Tours

Weather in Tokyo, Japan for June:
June ushers in the high heat and humidity, along with the rain. Across the month of June, the average temperature is 21°C, the lowest being 18°C and the highest reaching 24°C (66°F-78°F).