Poster Presentations

Ahn, Jaemyung
Tracking Accuracy of a Stereo Camera-Based Augmented Reality Navigation System for Orthognathic Surgery
Caro, Dann Joel

The Application of Open-Source 3D Planning Software in Virtual Reconstruction of Complex Craniomaxillofacial Defects
Chang, Yang-Ming

Simplified and Accurate Method in Fibula/Jaw in a Day-Technique and Innovation
Chew, Ming Tak
From Scan to Application - Building a Point-of-Care 3D Planning/Printing Facility in a Dental Hospital
Clark, Jessica
Ultrasound Elastography and Aesthetic Outcomes Following Fat Grafting to Radiated Cervical Skin
Elbashti, Mahmoud
An Image is an Image Until you Have Three-Dimensional Glasses: A Potential Approach for Visualization
Hattori, Mariko
Application of Various Intraoral Scanners for Digitizing a Nose Model.

Idris, Sherif
Aesthetic Outcomes of Patients with Mandibular Reconstruction
Joury, Jumana
Surgical Design and Simulation Workflow for Reconstruction Following Glossectomy – a Single Case Simulation Study
Kasahara, Kiyohiro

Technical Report of Le Fort I Osteotomy Using Microsoft®HoloLens and 3D Devices
Kim, Min Keun
Maxillary Reconstruction Using 3-d Printed Implant
Kim, Dong Wook
Survival Prediction of Oral Cancer Patients Using Deep Learning
Kozakai, Ayako
Digital Evaluations Using Fluorescence Visualization Device for Differentiation Between Superficial Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Oral Lichen Planus
Kurihara, YujiApplication of Navigation-Guided System and CAD/CAM Splint for Orthognathic Surgery
Lee, Jung-Woo
Lingual Application of Pre-Bent Reconstruction Plate for Segmental Mandibular Defect
Motzkus, Yvonne, Jacqueline
How Can the Design and Fabricaiton of an Epithesis be Supported by Z-Brush 3D Software?
Nimeskern, Nicolas Paul
On Line, On Demand, Service in Orthognathic Surgery
Pyne, Justin
Digital Planning and Surgical Simulation in the Reconstruction of Chronic Mandibular Defects
Robertson, Emilie
Detecting Skeletal Deformity in Unilateral Coronal Craniosynostosis – Perceptions of the General Public
Sato, Takako
The Change of the Pharyngeal Air Flow After the Maxillomandibular Advancement.
Shiogama, Sunao

Evaluation Of Navigation-Guided System For Orthognathic Surgery
Song, Jin Soo
Case Series Evaluation of Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Nasal Septal Perforations with Obturator Prosthetics
Sumita, Yuka
Use of 4-Dimensional Scanning to Gain Surface Data of a Face.
Tsumiyama, Shinya
Objective Evaluation of Nasal Valve Obstruction Using Computed Tomography
Usuda, ShinEvaluation of Computer Aided Surgery in Oral Surgery
Wang, HongCBCT Image Segmentation of Mandible, Maxilla and Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment Using Artificial Intelligence
Wiederkehr, IrisSwelling of the External Nose After Septorhinoplasty – 3D Imaging Analysis
Yamauchi, KensukeAccuracy of Maxillary Positioning with CAD/CAM Intermediate Splint After 3D Simulation in Bimaxillary Surgery
Yang, Chengshuai
The Procedure for Accurate Mandibular Reconstruction: How Did We Do?
Zhu, Jian-hua
Robotic Assistance for Fully Automated Brachytherapy Seed Placement into Skull Base


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